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Are you ready to get back into shape?

Getting fit in Gressoney during the winter can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, helping you to regain your inner and physical well-being to face each day with energy, positivity and resilience.

Physical activity is essential to keep your body healthy and improve your mental well-being. Find an activity you enjoy that is both fun and challenging, such as skiing, snowboarding or walking in the snow.

Get out of your city gym and enjoy the benefits of practising your sport while breathing the pure air of our mountains, find time for yourself every day and do something you enjoy, that relaxes you and makes you feel good. The mountains represent everything about well-being, for its relaxing, uncluttered and unspoilt aspects. 

Among our valleys rich in diverse environments, you will have the opportunity to practise countless sports while being in contact with an enthralling and intoxicating nature.

Whether summer, autumn or winter, it doesn't matter, each season offers new environments and each opens up a range of different possibilities for your favourite activities.

Live healthy and keep fit with regular exercise and maintain social connections with people who make you feel good. 

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Are you a lover of off-piste skiing and want to take your experience to the next level?

Heliskiing is for you, helicopter to wild, unspoiled peaks and dive into the thrill of skiing in wide, pristine spaces away from the usual off-piste routes.

Give yourself a unique thrill!

The Aosta Valley is an Italian region located in the Western Alps, known for its spectacular mountains and natural beauty, among them we find the splendid waterfalls that dot this area and that in winter turn into truly incredible ice structures. set in wild environments of rare beauty, they offer you a unique and incredible experience.

It is important to note that ice climbing requires specific technical skills and equipment. Before embarking on any ice climbing activity, it is essential to be well prepared, have the right equipment and, preferably, be accompanied by experienced mountain guides or qualified instructors. Icefall conditions can vary greatly depending on weather conditions, so it is important to do research and have a proper plan before setting out on such an excursion.





The Aosta Valley is an ideal place for freeride skiers, thanks to its impressive mountains and abundant winter snowfall, you can explore pristine snowy terrain and natural slopes away from the ski slopes. Enjoy this sport immersed in a 'wild environment in the silence of our mountains.

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Climb higher and higher with the Monterosa Ski lifts!

Leave the valley floor behind you and enjoy the splendid panorama that Monte Rosa offers. With our lifts, you can reach an altitude of 3,275 metres with maximum comfort. The view of the most beautiful 4000-metre peaks in the Alps will leave you open-mouthed, and you will take our marvellous panoramas with you forever.

Here you will find timetables, rates and real-time information on the ski slopes and lifts, as well as being able to buy your ski pass online, whether it is for a day or for several days.

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